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Compatibility between Compaq/HP Cabinets

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Compatibility between Compaq/HP Cabinets

I am coordinating the migration of some HP equipment from one office to another (it's an offshore office). The existing servers are in Rack System/E cabinets (round holes etc). They are to be moved to the new 10000 G2 cabinets.

I need to move an rp5470 (on slidey rails), a va7400 (on L-shaped shelflets or whatever you will call them!) and a 5300 tape shelf (on different L-shaped shelflets).

So, firstly does anyone know whether any (or all) of these will need replacing with completely new racking kits, or are adapters available?

On a similar vein, I know the new cabinets have square holes, and the classic HP cabinets had square holes (like the cabs for the K-class etc), but are they identical from a fitment point of view?

The problem is none of the quickspecs for any of our equipment list the 10000G2 racking options (obviously, because they didn't exist) but will part numbers for racking in the "classic" cabinets also fit the 10000 G2's?

Is there a central reference resource somewhere for this sort of thing? Chance in a million but... :D

Thanks, Simon
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Re: Compatibility between Compaq/HP Cabinets

Hi Simon

Unless you have universal rails kits which have only recently become available it is unlikely that you will be able to re-use the existing rails kits.

Unfortunately the distance between the front and rear holes on the E series rack is 10mm shorter than on the 10000 series racks so immediately you would need a rail kit with adjustable length.

The only rail kit I can find for the the rp5470 was Z7453A which is exclusively for the E-series rack.

The VA-7400 usually came with three sets of rail kits, including one for the E-Series and one for the Compaq 9000 series (predecessor to the 10000 series but from what I understand interchangeable) The part number for the latter I think is A5635-60001 and is available (but not directly from HP).

The current TA-5300 comes with a universal rack mount and so can be used on either, all you need to do replace the smaller round hole studs with the larger ones for the square hole (10000 series) rack.


Andrew Y
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Re: Compatibility between Compaq/HP Cabinets

Thanks Andrew

You are correct the 5300 is a universal kit so this is fine.

The part number for the VA is also correct, however as you say no longer available from HP. HP now recommend installing on 253449-B21 which is basically a static utility/monitor shelf.

The part number for the racking kit for the rp5470 is 234672-B21.

Thanks, Simon
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Re: Compatibility between Compaq/HP Cabinets