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Connecting APC UPS to RP5430


Connecting APC UPS to RP5430

Hello everybody,

I've got a RP5430 running customized HP-UX v 11.11 and an APC Smart-UPS 3000 RMXL3U with Powerchute v 4.2?.x for HP-UX 10.0. I have installed the Powerchute software, connected it to the mux card with guardian processor (asio driver in sam) and selected the tty0p1 (tty0p0 is used by console). The physical connection is made with A6144-63001 M-cable that came with RP5430 and black cable (for smart signalling) that came with APC. During installation there were some strange events (all the nesessary files like /etc/inittab and etc were checked, native UPS daemon is turned off). When I tried to use the correct free port (tty0p1), the installation script hangs when testing connectivity with UPS. Put when I choose non existing device during installation everything goes OK (except connectivity testing) but when I try to run ./upswtite or ./upsoff for testing the right device they hang again. Have anybody had the same or alike experience? Is there something about special terminal creation for this? So I still have no connection with UPS through the "UPS" connector nor through the "remote" connector

Re: Connecting APC UPS to RP5430

Stephan Stechemesser from HP Germany has given the exact solution to this problem in response to Bhashkar's question conserning the similar problem with the headline "configuring the UPS/remote ports". I would like to give him a lot of points!!!