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Cyclades terminal server with console?

Andrew Belville
Occasional Contributor

Cyclades terminal server with console?

Anyone worked w/ the Cyclades terminal servers (ts-1000, ts-2000, etc) as a front end for their consoles?

I'm interested in any good/bad experiences. Nothing fancy, just curious if it's been a good experience or not.

For all others, check out the sight if interested:
Volker Borowski
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Re: Cyclades terminal server with console?


we use one as a pure console-Server.
It is quite robust with HP as HP is only using xon/xoff 3-wired on the consoles.

It is more difficult with solaris, when it is detected as a boot device. This will lead to a downed machine when the cyclades is switched off.

I never tried the dial-in features.

At least is has a very reasonable price.

Hope this helps