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Re: DL 385 G10 SAS SSD

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DL 385 G10 SAS SSD

HI ,

I am IT guy in BTP Company . we want to buy DL385 Server with 2x 16 core CPU and P408i-a Raid controller for virtualization with (Vmware Esxi) and put data base server and other server on it.
we need a great IOPs and want to use( SAS SSD 12G) but i can not see this Hard disk type in HPE list when i try to configure and buy server ..i dont know why? maybe its not compatible .???
my question is , can i use SAS SSD 12G from Seagate (with 10 DWPD) or HPE with HPE DL 385 or DL 325 servers.

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Re: DL 385 G10 SAS SSD

Hi! Please stick to (Storage) oprions listed into HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10's QuickSpeck available here:

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Re: DL 385 G10 SAS SSD

The highest IOP should use NVME 2.5 Disk or U.2 interface.