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DL380 Gen10 power supply

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DL380 Gen10 power supply

We have a DL380 Gen10 on a client site.  Server was down this morning and would not power back on.  Server has a 500 watt redundant PSUs.  Turns out that one of the power supply units is bad and was causing the issue.  Question is, what's the point of a redundant power supply setup if a single bad unit is not going to allow the server to stay running?  Is it something we did not configure properly?


Re: DL380 Gen10 power supply

Hello SavageTech,

Since server has two power supplies installed & considering that both had power (power supply LED for both should be Green), in the scenario that any of the two PSUs face a malfunction/failure, the server should be online & available. Unfortunately, the scenario you described it is possible to occur, event though it is very rare. A possible culprit, could be a random brownout, (especially if a UPS is not present) or a different kind of PSU issue that affects the communication between server (iLO5) & the PSUs. In that case the power-on signal is never received by iLO, thus, server doesn't power on. To delve into further you may inspect the iLO5 IML for any potential errors prior or at the day of the incident. If there aren't any I would recommend to capture Active Health System log from iLO5, log a case (provide a timestamp of the incident) & describe the issue to the support. If it is something visible at the AHS log, support will provide with an answer & next steps.


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