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DNS Server. RAID cache battery

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DNS Server. RAID cache battery

One of my HP DL380G6 servers running my Australian DNS resolver servers is giving me a warning regarding a failing RAID cache battery. I have a 512mb P400 Raid controller as a PCI addon card and I was wanting to know if this is actually causing a decrease in disk read/write performance or the only thing I need to worry about is if the server suddenly looses power I may lose data?
I have checked in the HP array controller software and it says caching has been disabled. How much impact on performance is this causing if any? 
Yes I do understand this is a much older generation server but I don't have the option of upgrading to more expensive hardware at the moment. I checked on ebay and I brought what was meant to be a genuine HP spare. I installed the new battery and I am still getting the same error on startup. Could in be the new battery I brought also has an issue. Or could there be an actual problem with the controller? I also cannot tell if this affecting DNS resolution times for people using this server IP. Any help would be appreciated. And where can I buy a new battery that I know is 100% working?



Re: DNS Server. RAID cache battery

Hi @mgiannelis ,

Thank you for the Post.

Please follow the below : 

1) Check in ACU if we have option to Enable the Cache (Sometimes the Cache would be disabled for logical Drives and we will have option to enable it) 

2) Confirm if the Battery is good (allow for 48 - 72 Hours and or try it on a different Server to check)

3) Keep the Controller Firmware and ACU udpated to the latest available

4) You may buy parts from here :

5) If the above didnt help it may be the Cache / Controller having issues and may need replacement


How much impact on performance is this causing if any? 

> Caching will be disabled which may impact the I/O Operations and few Activity like Array Migration / Expansion may not be available 

Thank you


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