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ERM with R3000 XR does not work at all


ERM with R3000 XR does not work at all

Hey people,
for 3 long days i am trying to force ERM configurator to see ERM module. I have r3000 XR UPS connected to proper ERM module (e.g compatibile P/Ns).
I can connect to UPS without any problems through ERM console but when i try to add ERM module i get error command could not be implemented (32). I measured electricity on ERM module and it gives 119 volts. I also refresh fw on ups and tried 10 different approachs. Power manager also does not see new capacity wich is explainable by the erm sw mulfunction.

r3000 XR UPS fw ver. 1.9
ERM ver. 1.2.20

I dont know what to do anymore, same on W2k Server and W2k03 Server. I did everything in readme.txt and all manuals i could find. Help in ERM software is not helpfull.


Srdjan Katic