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Experience of HP IP KVM Switch

Adrian Ogden
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Experience of HP IP KVM Switch


Has anyone got anything bad or good to say about the HP IP KVM Switch?

E.g. Distance limitations/ Bandwidth usage.

I'm particularly trying to compare it against the Avocet DSR4160

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Re: Experience of HP IP KVM Switch

The HP IP KVM switch is made by Avocent. It look like the DSR2161 to me.
Philip Sharp
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Re: Experience of HP IP KVM Switch

We purchased two 3 User IP KVM from HP and here are the limitations:

If you use the KVM hubs to increase the number of servers off a single KVM switch port, IP connectivity will not function for that port.
HP support confirmed this as the support functionality - pity the marketing doco isnt as forth comming. So be careful how you design your system. If the servers are directly connected to the switch then IP connectivity is ok.

The HP console IP viewer (separate application must be installed) is ok but slow even over 100Mbit FDX network. MS Terminal server is considerably faster.

Make sure you have the latest firmware for the switch and the expansion modules.

A nice enhancement would be for the KVM to support two monitors/keyboard. Although the IP is functional its not idea as a replacement for the local monitor (because of the the update time).

Phil Sharp

Improvements - multiple keyboard/monitor support, faster update time for the IP Viewer ,
direct web access rather than going through the application
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