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Force Reset of Web Console?

Kevin Baker_2
New Member

Force Reset of Web Console?

We have recently had a new A-class HP9000 added to our network by a contractor.

HP Secure Web Console passwords appear to have been changed, but not recorded
by the "dear chap".

In all other respects, the box is vanilla, so we have no data or configuration
to lose.

Is there a way of forcing a reset to the factory Web Console settings, or are
we proverbially "stuffed"?

Any recovery routes would obviously be warmly received.

With thanks in advance.
Denny Kelly_1
New Member

Re: Force Reset of Web Console?

It may be necessary to reset your HP Secure Web Console to the
factory settings if, for example, the password has been lost.
Warning! All configuration data will be lost.

1. Power off the console by unplugging the power cable.
2. Press the button on the top of the console (as shown in diagram D) and keep
it pressed.
3. Power on the box by replugging the power cable.
4. Release the button after a couple of seconds.
Follow the Initial Configuration steps again.