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G3 KVM Console switches and PS/2 interface adapters


G3 KVM Console switches and PS/2 interface adapters

Good day,


Situation: We're planning to add a couple of HP KVM Analog console switches to our network which consists of G1 console switches and ps/2-adapters at the moment. We were mainly wondering if the new ones will continue to work with the legacy ps/2 interface adapters (since we still have a buch sitting in stock doing nothing and a bunch in production) or if we have to stick with second hand G1 and G2 switches since they do list the ps/2 adapters as an option.


Interface adapters are HP partnumber 262588-B21 / 396632-001

KVM-switches we're looking at are the AF651A or AF652A.


Looking at the quickspecs we get the following:

Support for variety of server connections with Interface Adapters

VT 100 serial console support
BladeSystems support via front diagnostics connector


The manual does mention them as well, but I'm still not sure.. 


Does anyone have any experience with this combination?


Thank you in advance.