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Gen9 PSU


We had a warning on a DL380 Gen9 stating (I had only a glimpse on the message) "overvoltage". As unplugging and replugging did not help, a new PSU was ordered. We changed the said power supply and everything is working fine.

The odd part: After some weeks, to report the damage to the service, I plugged the PSU into a ML350 Gen9 (our retired spare) to write down the exact wording of the error.. The said dead one is working just fine, as nothing has happened.

Question: Does the PSU have a self resetting circuit? Prior to putting it inside the ML350, plugging it to the mains gave just a clicking sound and a flash was to be seen through the fan. The LED did not light up.


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Re: Gen9 PSU

 If you want to make sure it's nothing else you could update firmware/BIOS, You could also try to swap the PSU in case you have dual in this server.

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