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Goodbye forum community

wagley 2 10-18
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Goodbye forum community

Hello All,

I feel like I know most of you personally, so I wanted to post a message and let you know that I am turning over my responsibilities as a Forum Administrator to Laurent Pitoiset. He will be taking over my position effective Thursday, February 22. Please welcome Laurent and treat him as well as you have treated me.

I've decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and travel the world. I've enjoyed being a part of this community since the launch of the ITRC Forums back in October 1999. I've enjoyed working with all of you - we worked together to build & improve a great site! Thanks for alerting me of problems, sharing your ideas/opinions, and somehow making the ITRC Forums a familiar place where people feel like they know each other.

If you have written to my personal account in the past, please know that my last day will be next Thursday. In the future, please send your feedback/questions to


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Re: Goodbye forum community

Thanks for everything and good luck.
Best wishes to you.

John Clementi_1
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Re: Goodbye forum community

Have a great time , wish I could travel with you... Oh well maybe next year.!!
Great questions...really stir my brain cells