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HP 5000 UPS

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HP 5000 UPS


We have 2 HP R5000 UPS units racked. These are old and look to have never been managed. I am relatively new to the job and have tried connecting to these with a serial to USB converter. I have folowed the guide but I am still having trouble connecting to the units. The cable itself is fine and shows under COM1. It looks like it attempts to estabilish a connection as I can see the device show as "other device" through Windows. It simply states it cannot communicate with the device.

I am using WIndows 10. Flow control is turned off as per the documentation and I also have tried turning it off on putty with the same result of being unable to connect

Can anyone suggest anything that might let me connect through putty?





Re: HP 5000 UPS

Just an update on this. I you are using the manual for this device then forget about it. You may follow the instructions on hooking up the usb to db9 connector and may get no where like I did. I found an auxiliary port which let me connect to the device and manage it this way which was easy as pie.