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HP 700/96 Configuration

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HP 700/96 Configuration

I need to access the console of an Intel CPU blade (Radisys EPC3311) via the RS232. The blade does not have a valid IP, which I need to set.

I have here an HP 700/96 but I cannot comunicate with the blade.

Where can I find information/links on general use and configuration of the HP 700/96?

Thanks for your time,
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Re: HP 700/96 Configuration

Hi Antoni

You may like to look at this site :

you may be try to use your PC's com port to connect to the Balde jsut a thought.

Manoj Srivastava
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Re: HP 700/96 Configuration

Set the HP 700/96 properly like mode and baudrate.
And also look for the cable it is using. It seems that you are using a wrong cable, because nothing is there , it is working as a dumb terminal.

Good Luck!!!
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Re: HP 700/96 Configuration

Ok, I have communication.
Remote access was disabled.
Also the baud rate was set to 9600 which I used with the SMC. I had to change it to 38400 for it to work with the blade.

I also set the mode to EM100, but for some reason the terminal sometime displays garbled lines of text, especially while trying to configure the system setup. This is holding me back.

I've been told that this is because EM100 emulates VT100. What can I do?

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Re: HP 700/96 Configuration

Power off the terminal. Hold down the key while powering on the terminal. When you hear the terminal beep, release the key. You will see "Default configs used, press to continue". Hit the or key. When the terminal comes up, reset the baud rate to 38400, make no other changes. This should make the terminal value "HP" instead of EM100.


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Re: HP 700/96 Configuration

Is the blade computer running NT/2000 or similar? If so, an RS-232 terminal will be ignored as Windows needs a 'real' video+mouse+keyboard. If it is running Linux or other Unix-based systems, then the COM1 port will likely be configured at 9600/8N1, and of course, there are always 2 flavors of cables, straight and crossover. If the blade has a standard COM1 port then a crossover (aka, null-modem) cable is needed to the 700/96.

And of course, make sure the 700/96 has the REMOTE MODE softkey marked with * as in:


If not, the terminal will see nothing on the RS-232 port and (this is a clue) will show what you type on the screen. In REMOTE MODE* the keys are sent to the computer and nothing appears on the screen unless the computer sends it back.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: HP 700/96 Configuration


I've been working with two types of blades for 6U. (Linux)

One of them has USB, VGA output and RMC with RS232. With this blade I haven't had the need to use the RS232 because I have direct keyboard/VGA interfacing.

But this newer blade only has a VGA output and and RS232 (no RMC). Which means that the only way to comunicate with it is through the serial RS232(remember this blade does not have a valid IP).

So, while my terminal works just fine with the SMC, it is not the same case with the either blade.

I have no communication whatsoever with the first blade via the RS232. As to the newer blade, at least I can now see the boot sequence up-until system setup, where the text becomes unreadable and the keyboard unresponsive.

I don't know what kind of cables we have, but I'll look into it. This may explain why I can connect to the SMC, but not to the blades.

Thanks, I'll keep you posted.