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HP 700/96 Terminal

John M. Robinson
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HP 700/96 Terminal

I have some other SA's that want to use my dumb terminal on another UNIX server. Can they use the HP 700/96 as their terminal? They have tried to use it and it works for most things except for their menu driven stuff. They have tried most terminal types and it doesn't accept it. Is the default terminal type on this terminal hp700/96? Sorry for the "dumb" question.
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harry d brown jr
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Re: HP 700/96 Terminal

You might be able to change it to em100 (I think that's the emulation), but they could purchase a 50 dollar wyse terminal and have better luck!

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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: HP 700/96 Terminal

Hi John:

Not a dumb question at all and yes it probably will work. You will need to create a terminfo for the 700/96 on the other boxes.

1) On your HP box:
export TERM=70096
infocmp > /tmp/70096

2) Copy this file (/tmp/70096) to the other boxes.

3) As root on the other box, make sure that there is a /usr/lib/terminfo/7 directory. Then tic /tmp/70096. This will create a terminfo entry.

4) Set and export TERM=70096 on the other boxes and you should be in business.

Regards, Clay
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Michael Tully
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Re: HP 700/96 Terminal


Depending on the model server they
are attaching to as to whether the
emulation will work properly.

If they are using an 'A', 'L' or
'N' class they will need to set the
terminal up as EM100 in the terminal
config. (All of course is only useful
if the terminal is not too old.)

If you have a number of servers and
only a few terminals, you could set
up a switch box arrangement.

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S.K. Chan
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Re: HP 700/96 Terminal

Try changing (within the Term Menu) the terminal configuration. The field is called Terminal Mode. For example you can change it to EM220 (for VT220 emulation). Once login to console set the TERM to vt220 for consistency. Example :
# export TERM=vt220
Craig Rants
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Re: HP 700/96 Terminal

I used this terminal all the time on my Sun boxes. I requries a few changes however, and my notes for this process are at home. However, I do remember that you have to change the settings on the console to a vt100 setting from hp. This is done inside the config menu using the function keys. Sorry I don't have the exact process infront of me.

But yes it can be done, and no I did not have to modify any TERM setting on the Sun boxes.

I did have to turn of the default settings on the sun box to look for a monitor and keyboard before it booted however. (Just a side note)

Hope this helps, maybe this weekend I can find my notes.

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