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HP 700/96 (c1064g) Cisco Console?

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HP 700/96 (c1064g) Cisco Console?

I have been given a HP 700/96 terminal. I have no idea how to use it. I found a manual for a c1099a on this forum, and it helps...but.

I still can't get it to connect with a Cisco Device.

I held the "D" key down as I power cycled it. It did the default just fine.

Any Pointers?
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Re: HP 700/96 (c1064g) Cisco Console?

What are you using for cables?
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Re: HP 700/96 (c1064g) Cisco Console?

Well, i have some db25 to db9 cable that it came with, but that doesn't seem to work with anything. I have no idea if it is straight through or a null modem.

I tried the new blue cisco db9 to rj45 rolled cable on port 3 on the 700/96, but that doesn't work either.

I tried every db25/db5 to rj45 rolled cable combo I could come up with. No go.

I even tried an actual db25 to db9 null modem cable AND straight thru cable to a foundry server iron, but that didn't work.

I verified that it is in "remote mode" with the little asterisk *. That seems part of the default config.