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HP 8 port IP KVM - Serial port settings


HP 8 port IP KVM - Serial port settings



I have a 8 port I KVM i picked up from ebay. I cannot get the terminal services screen to show anything meaningful. I have other HP IP KVM and can connect to them quite happily via the serial cable using the 9600 8 n 1

I was wondering if this console switch has different settings?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I have attached pictures of the device 





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Re: HP 8 port IP KVM - Serial port settings

A little more info...


I have tried the 9600 8N1 and a many other settings.


I have the EO1013 Switch

MPN: 520 343 509 Rev A

EID 520343 01F8A2 0000



I have many cables at home null modem and full serial. I can get the terminal software do display legible characters that i type but at this point i am lost. I have connected other equipment via the serial port in the past - no issues there.


Any thoughts or pointers would be much apprciated. I picked this up from ebay.




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Re: HP 8 port IP KVM - Serial port settings

Hi LocalMcMoo,


Can you provide more info about your setup.


If you are looking for more info about accessing multiple server through the KVM, please find the below image which has the info about the cabling.


Also the serial port is used for manage the device like to update the firmware.

I am an HP employee.