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HP Console Monitor

Joe White
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HP Console Monitor

I've pulled an HP C1099A console monitor from one of our HP systems to start up a new SUN server we have. I've set it up as a VT100, 9600 baud, 8/1/N configuration. I have it plugged into the 'A' serial port on the monitor and the server yet I get nothing on the screen but a line at the top and the column/row indicator. There's no indication I'm communcating with the server. Anyone ever run into this?
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Re: HP Console Monitor

Hi Joe

I havent tried it but the setting shouls be simple , try the following :

1. 7bits odd parity and i stop bits .

2. I trust that the cable is working ie rx and tx are interchanged.

3. Try stuff like cr+lf and some other emulations though vt100 is a pretty standard one.

Manoj Srivastava
Rothery Harris
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Re: HP Console Monitor

Dear Joe,

VT100 mode is fine for the SUN. I suspect you have a wiring problem. HP server serial ports are wired to look like a DCE and a terminal connects with a straight through cable. I am not sure but many non-HP systems had serial ports wired as DTE (which is correct really). See if you can use an RS232 breakout box to cross lines 2 & 3. Other than that use a SUN cable.

Sameh Roufail
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Re: HP Console Monitor

Hello Joe,
I believe that the problem in the serial cable. You need to have a null modem cable to connect the HP terminal to Sun Server. As the HP serial cable has pin 2 and pin 3 are reverse but the null cable is stright.
I hope that will help
Sam Roufail
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Joe White
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Re: HP Console Monitor

Thanks for the responses guys. It was a wiring problem. I had a 'straight through' cable instead of the serial version of a cross-over where pins 2 and 3 are reversed. Everything is fine now.