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HP IP Console - KVM

Preston Reid
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HP IP Console - KVM

Recently I installed an HP IP Console. I went to the HP web site to down load the latest firmware. I noticed the firmware that I am able to download is older than the firmware loaded on some of the KVM adapters, the adapters that convert the mouse, keyboard and monitor to a CAT5 cable. Where can I get a matching firmware? I downloaded file sp23549.exe which had the firmware file h2_1_0_english.fl. The adapters have firmware 3.0. This is the only file I can find available. Also when calling technical support, they don't seem to know this product exists. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
James Anker
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Re: HP IP Console - KVM


The person you need to speak to is:

Carl Mitchell - Tel ++ 44 1344 360000

He's based at HP in the UK and there's little he doesn't know about the I.P Console.

He should be able to answer your question.

Best of luck...


Bill Parnell
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Re: HP IP Console - KVM

Hi there,

The Firmware update 2.1.5 includes the Interface Adapter Aplication Firmware update to 03.00.01 You can get this update from

Hope this helps.


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