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HP IP Console No Keyboard..

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HP IP Console No Keyboard..



I have a "HP IP and Server Console Switch G2 (With Virtual Media) Connected to a HP DL380p."


The keybord works in the Device its self, to configure IP address etc.. but when you connect to the server the keybord is not being attached....


It works if I connect the keybord directly to the server... even when I connect via the http KVM no keybord commands are passed to the server :( ....



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Re: HP IP Console No Keyboard..

Are you sure the dongle from the server to the KVM is connected properly?

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Re: HP IP Console No Keyboard..



I have Both LEDs on the Dongle


USB + VGA Connected to server, CAT5 Connected to the Dongle, and CAT5 connected to the IPKVM....


What could it be?