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HP IP Console switch and KVM switch interfacing ?

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HP IP Console switch and KVM switch interfacing ?

Hi, I have one (1) HP 2x1x16 IP Console Switch (AF601A) in a server room so that can get KVM access to racks of HP servers externally and have daisy-chained one of my two HP 2x16-port KVM Server switches (336045-B21) into this device in order to support more than 16 servers, however, despite successfully being able to access all the server KVM dongles on both the main switch and the daisy-chained switch, I have lost local console access to the 16-port KVM switch, which has a TFT7600 LCD rack-mount monitor/keyboard connected into it.

Is it possible to maintain local console access for the the TFT7600 as well as having it uplinked into the IP Console Switch?

The second KVM server switch I wish to daisy-chain in to the IP Console Switch also, however, it too has a TFT7600 rackmount keyboard/monitor and is situated on a different suite completely, so don't want to lose local console access for it also.

Can the 2x16-port KVM Server switch be made to allow local kvm port control when is daisy-chained to an upstream console switch???
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Re: HP IP Console switch and KVM switch interfacing ?

Hmm.. no responses at all. Do people not use HP's KVM and IP Console switches?