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HP (J1497A) 8 port KVM Console - Need Manual

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HP (J1497A) 8 port KVM Console - Need Manual

I have 3 of these devices and want to cascade 2 of them together. I can't find any of the manuals anywhere at work. I've looked all over the net and HP forums for info on cascading them. Does any know how or more preferably have a link to download the user manual? Thanks in advance....
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Re: HP (J1497A) 8 port KVM Console - Need Manual

Usually, you connect the output from the second switch to one of the input's on the first switch, then on the first switch, you F12 or PRSCRN into the setup/channel selector, go into setting up the channels and specify the port you connected the second switch to as another devicewith 2 or 4 or 8 ports

On my older Compaq branded KVM, I hit ...

Print Screen to bring up the device, click Setup --> Devices --> select the port and click Modify --> change to 8-port device and click OK to save and get out.

Then, when you slect that port, you can hit Print Screen twice and the second Switch should come up.

The procedure might be a little different with a newer switch, but the concept is the same.

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Re: HP (J1497A) 8 port KVM Console - Need Manual

I took a guess before posting and I'm getting sparadic results with the keyboard and mouse. I used to have a manual around. I'd like to double-check things out. What I did was on kvm #1 hooked up 7 devices to ports 1-7. Then on port 8 I connected the cable to the main console output on kvm#2. Then I did a print screen on kvm #1, pressed F2 for advanced, went to devices, and on port 8, selected 8 port device. It sort of works, but with sparadic result. By themselves, both kvms work fine.
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Re: HP (J1497A) 8 port KVM Console - Need Manual

please check the link below this might be helpfull to you〈=en&cc=us&contentType=SupportManual&docIndexId=179166&prodTypeId=329290&prodSeriesId=435577〈=en&cc=us&jumpid=hpr_R1002_USEN&y=9&x=10