HP KVM console

edris ebadi
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HP KVM console

I have turned on the 8 port KVM server console for the first time and it asks me for password.I don't know that and i can not work with it.please help me
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Re: HP KVM console

How about reading the manual of the KVM? These days, the manual usually comes with the product on a CD-ROM disc.

If you don't have the manual available, find the model number of the KVM console. HP model numbers are usually of the form XnnnnY or XYnnnZ, where n = number and X, Y and Z = letters.

When you know the model number, point your web browser to:

Select "See support and troubleshooting information", type in the model number and hit Enter. The system may show you a menu of possible products if your model number was ambiguous, or simply jump to the support page of the correct product. Then select "Manuals" and start reading.