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HP Keyboard/Video/Mouse Switch Model J1497A

William Robertson_4
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HP Keyboard/Video/Mouse Switch Model J1497A

I found this in a previous posting and need the same answer.
(I)... have a KVM model J1497a that has a screen saver type password on it, and I have no idea what that password might be. The office that sent it to me doesn't know either. Does anyone know how I can clear it? It seems to be stored in the flash RAM, because simply unplugging it doesn't do the trick.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it!


There was one reply, but it didn't answer the question. Moreover I couldn't find a way to contact eiher the poster or the responder directly.

Would greatly appreciate any help on this matter

Bill R.
Bryan Eley
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Re: HP Keyboard/Video/Mouse Switch Model J1497A


I'm not sure if this answers your question or not as I'm not 100% certain that this applies to your specific model (it sounds like it may), but "Users must contact the switch administrator and have them reset the user password. Should the Administrator lose the password, they must contact HP Support and open a 3rd level service ticket in order to receive a fix."

It's possible that no password is actually set, so you could try entering Admin with no password.

A firmware update might reset the unit back to defaults, but I might check the other avenues first.