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HP Mgmt Card for XR UPS problems


HP Mgmt Card for XR UPS problems

After a bit of advice please.

I have purchased a HP Mgmt card for a RX5500XR. I have popped the card into the UPS and followed the instructions of how to setup the configuration. However the intructions state that I should see a prompt "Press any key in 5 seconds". I don't see this all I get is a load of ascii characters appearing.

At first I thought my COM baud rate was wrong etc, but I've doubled checked the settings of 115200/8/None/1/None is the same as in my terminal emulation program and it is the same. I have pressed the reset button a few times, but still just get rubbish returned to the emulation program.

I didnt think I would have to do this as I was hoping the card got an IP address from my DHCP server, but it doesnt.

Any ideas? Im guessing it is not in Serial Mode or something. Please help.
Brian Vo
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Re: HP Mgmt Card for XR UPS problems

Few things to check:
-Use HP provided green serial-to-RJ45 adapter?
-Connect to the correct Configuration port? (lower-left corner RJ45 jack)
-Reseat the HP Management Module (it can be hotplugged)
-Try on different server
-Hyperterminal setting is Emulation= "Auto Detect" and Terminal= "ANSI"
-It could be a bad card?

You would see the same screen as in the attachment.