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HP NC373i speed problem

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HP NC373i speed problem

good morning! I have proliant ml350 g5 and i have this HP NC373i network card. I performed the update downloaded from the hp site but I have the following problems: during a download (on the local network) from this server to another pc then I take the files from this server the maximum download speed is 40 mb / s at about. while in upload, that is, if I send a file from a PC to the server, it goes exactly to 100 mb / s as it should actually go. everything worked perfectly and did not present this problem of reduced speed until today the power went out for a few minutes. please help me, and

thank you for your answers. network card.jpgdriver.jpg

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Re: HP NC373i speed problem

Hi @Michele5353, a simple and reliable method to test the throughput (in both directions) between your two hosts (the Server and the Client) is to test with iperf (iperf3).

Download and run iperf as server on the Server host and run it as client on the Client host then test with various values of concurrent streams and duration (there are plenty of parameter to play with, just document yourself over internet about how to test throughput with iperf).

Sometime (often) asymmetrical throughputs can be explained by asymmetrical performance of involved hosts (example: is the client capable of writing downloaded file from server at 100 MBps = 1 Gbps? Reading the file from client's disk to upload it on the server it's totally differnet because reading is faster than writing and your Server is probably able to sustain writings at 100 MBps = 1 Gbps where the client host is not).

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