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Re: HP Part numbers

gerry egan
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HP Part numbers

Hello all!

I work with many HP products and frequently have to source spares, what I would like to know is what do the postfixes on the part numbers mean and does anyone have a reference for them? for example, today I ordered a disk for a server and on this disk there were several different part numbers, eg 286713-b22 and 289041-001 as well as a few other in that format,I normally use the part number ending in "-001" but some suppliers use other ones, can anyone explain the meaning of these postfixes?
Manuel Boosch
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Re: HP Part numbers

286713-b22 is the product part number and 289041-001 is the spare part number. with the spare part number u can identify every single hardware component. when u want to order NEW hardware from hp or a distributor u will always need the product part number.

when u want hp to replace DEFECTIVE hardware u will need the spare part number.

this make sense for example u buy an 8 gb ram kit with the option -b22 this kit contains 2 x 4 gb ram with different spare part number -001.

as i know -002 are mostly UPSs, -003 are streamers, lto and so on.

rest of hardware always has -001 (system board, cpu, ram, cards,etc...)

hope this helps, correct me if im wrong


Manuel Boosch
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Re: HP Part numbers

be careful as the new law for unleaded products came up, hp changed the spare part numbers of the same products. so it could be that u have the same product with different spare part numbers.
for example: 300 gb / 10k /U320 SCSI / 3,5" has spare 351126-001,

but unleaded the same hard disk has the spare 404701-001
Paul Jerrom
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Re: HP Part numbers

The rule is that as soon as customers get used to a naming convention then it all changes! Just like licenses...
Have fun,

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