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HP Power Advisor/Power sizing for Proliant Servers

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HP Power Advisor/Power sizing for Proliant Servers

I am moving into a small room that I am converting into a server room.  I am going to have a rack with five Proliant servers in it.  Three DL360p G8's, a DL120 G7 and a ML350p G8.  All of the servers have redundant power supplies of the 450 or 460 watt variety.  I will also have a KVM, a small Cisco switch and a small tape drive in this rack.  I currently have two independent 20 amp/120 volt circuits to the room (though I can upgrade to 30 amp circuits).  I was hoping to have two UPSs, one on each circuit, and then plug each power supply on each server into a separate UPS.


I'm trying to find an adequate UPS solution for this rack.  Using HP's Power Advisor I get that the total load on this setup is around 1232.93 watts / 1243.9 VA / 10.82 amps.


When I go to power calculators for other sites, I get all sorts of different numbers (mostly larger).  And I have an "expert" on another forum who tells me that my actual load, at mimium, is 4.125 KVA.


What is the community's thoughts?  How accurate is the HP power adviser (I would assume accurate) and how should I best plan for power?


Thanks in advance for any advice.




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Jan Soska
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Re: HP Power Advisor/Power sizing for Proliant Servers

Hello, I can't find any HP ups calculator, lets use APC one at

To you setup they recomend ~2000VA UPS, count of battery packs depends on your decision how long outage you need to survive..