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HP Power Manager Agent Problems

david wooder
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HP Power Manager Agent Problems

I have an R5500 UPS with an internal management card and 8 proliant servers running HP Power manager remote agents with configured shutdown settings.

On one server the agent looses connectivity with the management card about 15 mins after installing the agent and goes red on the ups management portal. Whats more is that on the server i loose ip connectivity to the management card as well? All servers are on the same physical subnet, no firewalls/routing etc. My other 7 servers are fine.

I remember something about ilo's conflicting with HP power manager in earlier posts but cannot find it again.

Ive upgraded to v5 of power manager and same thing and also changed the ip address of the magement card

Can anyone help?



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Peter Jam
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Re: HP Power Manager Agent Problems


I found you by searching the forum for "power manager".


Did you ever get an answer to this question?  I am using Power manager 4.2  with a R5500 myself.

It no longer connects to the UPS.  Not sure if it forgot the serial port or if I did.  I tried 8008, 8009, 1349 and 80 which it said was in use.

Saturday night the three servers on this wonderful UPS (worst purchase i have ever made) reported their iLO connections as down for about an hour.  No attempt at keeping servers up at all.  None of my other servers on APC went down.  The only difference I can think of is the r5500 is 220v and the others are 120v.

Also i cannot seem to find a v5 of Power Manager, I'll continue looking but if you can point me thanks.