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HP Power Manager logging not working

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HP Power Manager logging not working

Hi to all,


We have HP R3000 XR UPS attached via serial cable on Win2003 server that has the HP Power Manager software installed.


It was working fine during the first several days.. but then the logging stoped.


HP Power Manager


On the preview here you can see that there are two logs for today Dec 15 2012. The time is now 12:23PM and the last log is from 12:17. I've set the logging interval on 1min just for the trobuleshooting.


If I restart the service the logging will continue for a while, for several minutes... and then it will stop again. At the tray i can see info that the UPS is connected. All this is realy strange for me. As if there is something on that server that is interupting the logging i just can't tell what.


I've even tried to uninstall and reinstall the HP Power Manager software. But i have the same result. 

Mail notifications are working. It is just the logging that it is buged somehow.


Did anyone have experienced something similar? I was googling this but no info on whatsoever..


Note: We have another R3000 UPS that is attached serialy on a Win2008 server and it is working fine there. However I don't have any other avaiable servers to do this on.