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HP Power Manager will not communicate with UPS

Ben Taratoot
New Member

HP Power Manager will not communicate with UPS

I have a DL380G5 server and a R3000XR UPS. They are connected via the serial cable supplied with the UPS. The UPS has no optional components installed.

I installed Power Manager and it detected the UPS. I was able to install remote agents on two other servers and establish communication.

Everything was fine until I installed Symantec anti-virus and rebooted the server. When the server came back up, communication between the UPS and Power Manager was lost. I have not been able to re-establish it. Power Manager will not even detect the UPS.

I removed and reinstalled Power Manager several times. Version 4.1 is currently installed. I disabled serial communication on the ILO. I attached the UPS to my laptop and installed Power Manager. It worked fine. I installed ERM on the server and it will not communicate with the UPS. I even tried stopping services such as all of the anti-virus services and the HP management services. Nothing has worked.

Please help!