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HP Power Protector Email notification action

New Member

HP Power Protector Email notification action


When y create new "Notification" action in HP Power Protector y select variable like {nodeName} to compose the message.

But the receved message display :

-----Message d'origine----- De : zsluups0001@ [mailto:zsluups0001@] Envoyé : vendredi, 3. juin 2016 14:39 À : EVENTLOGS <informatik@> Objet : Alarm from {nodeName} Importance : Haute

The selctet variable {nodeName} is not resolved ? If y select an other variable i habe the same problem.

What could bee the problem ? Anny sugsestions ?





This is a test for 'E-Mail Weiterleitung an MLSOHDEVENTLOGS' action launched at 16/06/03 14:38:56