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HP Power Trust UPS

Matthew Pegge_1
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HP Power Trust UPS

We have an L Class server (HPUX 11.0) in Sweden ( I am based in the UK) and I am sure the UPS is not set up correctly. If I go into to SAM - Peripheral Devices - UPS and set the daemon to active. When I check the syslog.log I see the following error messages:
Dec 3 15:54:09 swhlbu01 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[4120]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: UPS Moni
tor daemon starting; using configuration file /etc/ups_conf
Dec 3 15:54:09 swhlbu01 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[4120]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: Failed to
create the named fifo (/var/stm/data/tools/monitor/ups_mond.fifo) to be used as
communication channel with the UPS monitor(EMS). The mkfifo failed with errno
= 2.
Dec 3 15:54:12 swhlbu01 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[4120]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: UPS /dev/tty1p1 read failed: File exists; Uninterruptable Power Supply has not been connected correctly; loss of power would not be detectible
Dec 3 15:54:18 swhlbu01 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[4120]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: UPS /dev/tty1p1 read of status failed: File exists
Dec 3 16:03:23 swhlbu01 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[4120]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: terminated by signal 15

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
S.K. Chan
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Re: HP Power Trust UPS

You sure it's on the right tty port ? Check this doc, it may be related to you.
Hope this helps ..
Matthew Pegge_1
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Re: HP Power Trust UPS

I can't seem to access that document?
Vincent Farrugia
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Re: HP Power Trust UPS


Here's the same document accessible for us Europeans :-)

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Patrick Wessel
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Re: HP Power Trust UPS

You are right, the UPS does not communicate with the server.

The following cookbook should do the trick

1. Verify the ups_mond program is not running. Enter the following to
see if it is.

ps -ef|grep ups

If it is still running, copy the inittab file:

cp /etc/inittab /etc/inittab.backup

2. Edit the /etc/inittab file and look for a line like the following:

ups1::respawn:rtprio 0 /etc/ups_mond -f /etc/ups_conf

Insert a # in front of the line so it looks like the following:

#ups1::respawn:rtprio 0 /etc/ups_mond -f /etc/ups_conf

3. Save your changes and then enter:

init q

Verify with "ps -ef|grep ups" that the /etc/ups_mond program is not

4. Look in /etc/ups_conf and check for the port this program uses. It
is most likely /dev/tty0p1. Use this port for all subsequent commands
where the word PORTNAME is shown.

5. Enter the following command:


6. At the "C-Kermit>" prompt, enter the following commands:

set line PORTNAME <-----Remember to use name from above!! (I assume it's tty1p1 in your case)
set speed 1200

If ?? displays from ups, it is working fine and you can exit kermit
by skipping to Step 9.

7. If ?? is not displayed, enter the following:

\ C

set speed 9600

If ?? is not displayed, try 2400 or 4800 baud. If these baud rates
don't work, the problem may be bad or wrong cable, a device file or mux
board problem, bad UPS, or another process is using the port.
Go to step 9 to exit kermit. This procedure will not work.

8. When ?? is displayed, enter the following:

N <-----------NO Carriage return. You will see NM
\ C
set speed 1200

?? should be displayed. If 'CM' is displayed instead, press
to display ??.

9. Enter the following commands:

\ C

10. Copy the original inittab file back by entering the following:

cp /etc/inittab.backup /etc/inittab
init q

Verify that the ups_mond program is running.
There is no good troubleshooting with bad data