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HP PowerTrust II LR config file?

Michael D. Zorn
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HP PowerTrust II LR config file?

We have an A1354A (240V, 2kVA). It seems to be working, and I find ups_mond running (from ps -ef):

/usr/lbin/ups_mond -f /etc/ups_conf -e ups_monchild

(What's '-e ups_monchild'?)

The config file is


We had a power failure a few weeks ago, and the system (HP9000 K200) disks came up badly trashed. I had to restore /usr from backup tapes, one set of which wouldn't read.

I found the manual, but there's no mention of the config file. I did a search here for "powertrust", but none of the posts talk about the config file. (Google finds a lot of these posts, too - more, in fact, than 'search' here.)

UPS messages seem to get logged in daemon.log:

Oct 17 05:23:58 dms-1 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[1267]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: UPS /dev/tty
0p1 AC POWER FAILURE - running on UPS battery

Oct 17 05:34:59 dms-1 /usr/lbin/ups_mond[1267]: /usr/lbin/ups_mond: reboot -halt invoked due to UPS error cited in previous syslog message

The time is close to that reported by a UPS on another system (except for 4 h difference, which may be due to time zone settings). The reboot happened 10 min after the power failure. I don't know what the "timeout 1 min" does.

Shouldn't it call 'shutdown -h' with some grace period (for us, 0 is OK)? Or if it does, shouldn't that be logged?

Can I have it do anything else beside shut down - like try to log off idle users?