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HP PowerTrust II LR frequency treshold

Trusted Contributor

HP PowerTrust II LR frequency treshold

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a possibility to change the treshold for frequency fluctuation for a HP PowerTrust II LR.

For example to change the frequency treshold to below 48 Hz and above 52 Hz.

At this time, whenever we have a power failure. The UPS starts switching for a while. This is caused by the generator, which is not immediately fully operational.

Is it possible to enlarge the time of reaction of the UPS to the event?

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP PowerTrust II LR frequency treshold

After further research I solved our problem. The frequency on the PowerTrust is autosensing from 45Hz to 55Hz and from 55Hz till 65Hz.

This information was all I wanted to know.