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HP PowerTrust UPS (A2994A)

Dwight R. Hayes, Jr.
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HP PowerTrust UPS (A2994A)

When the battery power is depleated in this UPS, does the UPS cut off the output at it's low limit voltage, and does it stay off even if power returns (after it passes it capacity)?

Does anyone know of a list of responses that this UPS has on it's RS-232 port?

Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: HP PowerTrust UPS (A2994A)

Hi there.
usually the UPS does a shutdown of the machine after a grace period of time on a power outage.
If the pwoer is restored, the machien should boot up again. The battery power only can depleat, if there are several outages in a short period of time. If the power is restored, the UPS will charge up the batteries
and the as i already said, the server will be brought up again at the same time. This is, why you need stronger fuses on the power lines.
But it will happen only, if the UPS is configured correctly.

Alexander M. Ermes
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