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HP R3000 XR ERM configurator problem

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Jason D. Ross
Occasional Contributor

HP R3000 XR ERM configurator problem


I have an HP R3000XR ERM attached to an HP R3000 UPS at several remote sites. I am in the process of replacing these UPS's with new units of the same model, and also replacing the standard serial module in the new units with the new HP UPS Management Module (AF401A). I am able to configure the Management Module through a terminal session by connecting the serial adapter provided with the card to the serial port on a server at the site. However, I do not seem to be able to use the same connection with the ERM Configurator. The max baud rate allowed by the ERM Configurator is 19200, and the UPS Management module uses 115200. Is it not possible to use the Management Module to configure the UPS to properly recognize the ERM? If not, do I need to use the factory-included serial module to do this, and then replace it with the UPS Management Module? Is there another way to make the UPS recognize the ERM?

Brian Vo
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP R3000 XR ERM configurator problem


Hit reset button on the Management Module (MM) it will reboot. Hit a Space bar when seeing it displays a message "Hit any key during 5sec...". By doing this, you will get an main menu. Select the "Serial pass-through Mode" . Now your MM is temporarily acting as a regular serial port. After configure ERM, reset again it will come back to MM's serial port (won't directly communicate with UPS anymore.) Or simply use the old serial card to config your ERM (one time config only) then replace with MM.