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HP R5000 UPS (Shutdown Parameters)

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HP R5000 UPS (Shutdown Parameters)


I have a question about the shutdown parameters of HP r5000 ups.



As you can see the UPS was starting to shutdown after 5 minutes (300seconds)

Why is not shutdown after 20% battery?

Or does it shutdown after 300seconds or 20% battery?


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Re: HP R5000 UPS (Shutdown Parameters)

I called HP on this and he said to ignore the second field( the 20% one) The two fields are separate. There really should be the word "or" between the two statements.


Set the Load Segment 1 and Load Segment 2 fields to a really high number. I have mine set to 12000 seconds(over 3 hours)


So now my UPS will stay up for 12000 seconds or until the battery goes below 20%.


Re: HP R5000 UPS (Shutdown Parameters)

Thanks for clearing that up, I was caught by surprise when ours initiated the 5 minute countdown immediately.  It is extremely unfortunate that the wording on the page (or in the help) doesn't clarify things.  As you stated, an "or" would be a huge help.