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HP R5500 XR UPS - Battery Fault Red Blinking

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HP R5500 XR UPS - Battery Fault Red Blinking

Hi guys,

Dont know if this is the correct category for this UPS, but can't find it on the display menu (if a moderator can move it could be great).

Let me explain my problem. The model is a HP R5500 XR UPS. I turn on the UPS, and it gets a red blinking battery fault problem on the frontal (and a periodic beep). The batteries are brand new, so, seems the ups may have a problem.
I've read on the support DB, some problems could be fixed updating the FW of the UPS, so I did it yesterday. Version 2.09 (last one I think).Process gone smoothly. Still the same problem.
Battery Breaker OFF,battery led fault is gone but no charging battery. Battery Breaker ON, red led and beep again.
Don't know what to do. If you can help me with this ...
By the way, anyone has a service manual for this ups? Like a technical parts and not the user guides on the hp resource center?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: HP R5500 XR UPS - Battery Fault Red Blinking

pull out the battery check the connector plat,

last year i have 2 new R5500 unit.
and the same problem

the problem is the connector plat design is not so durable, i mean when you pull it out then insert it again, the chance is big that the plat will get bent.

so this is what i do
make sure the connector plat back to original shape. and it worked.

good luck

btw, let me know when your problem is solved
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Re: HP R5500 XR UPS - Battery Fault Red Blinking

Thanks for the answer mate!!!

I tried 3 things after my last message :

1) Removed and reentered batteries.
2) Used the battery breaker trying to cycle the batteries.
3) Used Power Manager 4.2 for gathering information.

After all of that I began to get green lights there!! Maybe the firmware update and a problem with the battery contacts solved the problem ... dunno. The good thing is that everything is working. good news!

Thanks again mate!!
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Re: HP R5500 XR UPS - Battery Fault Red Blinking

Hi guys,

I have some questions for you maybe you can help me :

1. Does the UPS require a restart power shut down if you update the firmware?

2. How do I know that the faulty battery is the integrated one and not the extended one?


Thnak you,