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HP R5500 XR UPS ungraceful shutdown

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HP R5500 XR UPS ungraceful shutdown

Need help determining why UPS did not shut loads down as set on Management Module when the building lost power. The shutdown schedules are set for 3 minutes, total battery load is at 30%, runtime 48min. All indicators are green, but UPS did not initiate proper shutdown. In the error logs it shows an "Input out of range" alert at the time of power outage, will this not trigger the shutdown sequence?
Brian Vo
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Re: HP R5500 XR UPS ungraceful shutdown

Check in the Power Failure option. does it have a selection on "Shutdown Delay"? or on "run until battery depleted"?
the shutdow delay is the time that UPS detects a power loss and switch to on battery, continue power the server(s) until this delay runs out and send a shutdown command to your server (via Power Protection Agent). The next parameter is Load Shutdown Time is the time that you estimate for server needed to shutdown all applications. After that the load segment of UPS is shut down as well.
The Shutdown schedule is nothing to do with power loss. You schedules to shutdown your server/UPS whenever you want for a maintenant purpose or something...