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HP RT3000 ERM not recognized

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HP RT3000 ERM not recognized

Some time ago, we bought two HP RT3000 USV for our lab. Due to expanding our lab, we need more battery capacity and therefore we added a RT3000 ERM to each USV.

With adding the first module (let's say ERM A) to USV A the estimated runtime was about twice as much as without the ERM.
Adding the second ERM (B) to the other USV (B) did not change the runtime of this site.

Moving ERM A to USV B, the runtime increases.
Moving ERM B to USV A, the runtime doesn't change.

So from my point of view, this must be an ERM issue..

Does anyone has an idea, what could be wrong?



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Re: HP RT3000 ERM not recognized


Hi neilpryde1984,


Seems ERM B is not detected by the UPS.  Usually the UPS automatically detects the number of ERMs connected.

But in this case it is otherwise. Lets start from basics.


1. Open the front bezel and check if the battery leads are connected. (I faced this basic issue before which I missed)

2. Make sure that the connector cable between the ERM and the UPS if firmly in place.


Check the below link

Make sure that the UPS is in operate mode. Check Page 38.


Please let us know if it makes a difference.



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