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HP RT3000 G2 UPS - Shutdown timing problems

Occasional Contributor

HP RT3000 G2 UPS - Shutdown timing problems

Hello everyone,


after some searching in the the forums and finding some entries similar to my problem but no solutions I'm posting this as a new topic.


We're deploying some newly ordered RT3000 G2 ups and are in the middle of configuring them. They're equipped with Network Management Cards and have been loaded for about a week before the tests. The "Shutdown Parameters" settings on the NMC are:


- UPS: ...if remaining backup time under 120s

- LS1: after 99999s / battery capacity under 10%

- LS2: after 99999s / battery capacity under 10%

- OS shutdown time 120s


Now, if I pull the cable the UPS shuts down way before that- according to the NMC logs at 25% battery capacity and 19mn remaining runtime. The load remains constantly at 9%.


Are there any other settings I might be missing? Or am I expecting the wrong results? I'd be thankful for any pointers.