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Re: HP Rack and Power Manager - Graceful Shutdown

Mike Schmidt_6
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HP Rack and Power Manager - Graceful Shutdown

We are running HP RPM 1.1 to monitor 4 Proliants in a HP rack with 2 30000XR's. We are using the SNMP cards to communicate with the servers on the UPS, as well as the management station.

Shutdown time for server agents is set for 20 minutes.


1. Does the actual command to shut down the server come from the UPS itself, or the server runnin HP RPM? There is a concern with the management server being over a WAN link that might go down in a power failure.

2. Is the shutdown command issued immediately with a time delay, or does the software (or UPS)wait 20 minutes and then issue the commmand?

3. If a batch or script file is configured in Event Response with a time delay (e.g. 20 minutes) and the power comes back on inside that interval, is the command aborted? If not, any way around this? We need to shut down an attached NAS device.

thanks in advance for any assistance!

Mike Schmidt
Bill Place_1
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Re: HP Rack and Power Manager - Graceful Shutdown

Hi Mike,

1. The shutdown command is issued from the HPRPM management server. Your concern that the network may not be available in the event of a power failure is a valid one. You might want to think about power protection for your network device.
2. The software waits some period of time (in your case 20 minutes) and sends out the shutdown command. Important: this said the computer running the Management Server software must have the longest runtime.
3. Regarding batch files. The scrip will not run if the event that triggers it has cleared prior to the set delay time.