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HP Secure Web Console

Adam Mullen
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HP Secure Web Console

I have two of these boxes that the password was lost on. So I brought them up to my desk to reset them via .

To no avail, I can't ping the address it says they default to after resetting them. I tried accessing them after connecting from my desk via the web and I was able to do so, apart from not being able to login they worked fine until I powered them on while holding the buttong. I waited until the orange light went off. I removed contact from the button, the orange light comes back on, then goes off after 5 seconds. Then the green light flashes furiously, as if traffic is passing. But it doesn't respond to nor it's original IP address. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Fred Metcalf
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Re: HP Secure Web Console

Hi Adam,
You still need to do these instructions from the old SWC User Guide I have:

6. Ensure the client_host running the browser is on the same IP subnet as the HP Secure Web Console, configure the address, and add it to the gateway list, as follows:
Enter the following commands into either a DOS or UNIX window on the client_host (PC or Workstation where your browser is running) to configure the HP Secure Web Console:
a. route add
Example: route add
b. ping If ping is successful, follow the instructions Step 7, else proceed with Step c below.
c. arp -s < WEB Console MAC_address>
The MAC address of the HP Secure Web Console is marked on the top of the device and also on the box used for shipment.
Note: the MAC address must be entered in the appropriateformat, as shown below:
PCs: 00-60-b0-22-3e-ae
UNIX Workstations: 00:60:b0:22:3e:ae

Note: During the configuration of your HP Secure Web Console, you must configure an IP gateway in the â configure IPâ screen.
If you do not have a valid IP gateway, enter the same IP address as you entered for the HP Secure Web Console.
7. Access the device through your Web browser on the same
subnet by typing the following URL:
8. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Do you want a copy of the old PDF?
HTH Fred
Missing MPE :-)
Adam Mullen
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Re: HP Secure Web Console


It was the route I was forgetting to add! Thanks for the quick response. I'm now able to acess the "HP Secure Web Console".

Leave it to a Friday afternoon for this my brian to fail in such regards!