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HP Server KVM Console AF617A video flickering

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HP Server KVM Console AF617A video flickering

The AF617A is the 2x16 KVM - and has been working fine for a number of years, then both video output channels have lost sync and are creating flickering, wavy, jittery lines on both FP monitors for both the port selector box and any server console. Have verified monitors are not the proplem.


I have updated the firmware, no change at all.


I have a feeling it is a hardware issue in the KVM.


[Q] Has anyone seen this behaviour before on the AF617A? Is it repairable? If so, what is needed?


I'll go buy another unit if needed, but want to check history of this problem first.




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Re: HP Server KVM Console AF617A video flickering

I can't say that this is the specific problem you've been having, but you might want to check the power supply inside the unit.  As I understand as the power supply goes, you can start to get a corrupted display like you're having.  I'd check for bulging or leaking capacitors on the power supply.