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HP Server TC2120 BIOS Update & Recovery

Faizal M. Dodia
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HP Server TC2120 BIOS Update & Recovery


I downloaded the latest bios update (v23) for the HP Server tc2120. Upon installing it, the update programme erased the bios and when it was ready to load the update image our main power supply had gone out for about five mins.

Now the server wont boot or even start POST. I tried using the BIOS Recovery process, but nothing seems to happen besides the power and hard drive lights comming on when i power cycle.

Can i send the BIOS to HP for reprogramming or is there a way i can do it alone, or do i need to buy a replacement mainboard?


Thomas Bianco
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Re: HP Server TC2120 BIOS Update & Recovery

a "bad flash" is generally fatal. do you have a support contract on that system? it may or may not cover this. we have a old grandfathered RecoverAll from the DEC days, it does cover "administrative failures" like this.

i don't think there is a way to flash the bios without a working system. if you have a ICProgramer, you may be able to do it, but you'd have to know a WHOLE lot about the mainboard-cmos interfaces, more then i think is available on those boards.

hp MAY be able to reprogram it, but it's usally cheaper to send the whole mainboard back through the referb processes where it will be programed with the latest kit anyways.
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