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HP Severs verses Dell POeredge Servers

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HP Severs verses Dell POeredge Servers

I am in the middle of changing our current IT platform from a Mac based one to a PC Based one. In this I have been getting various quotes for Dell and HP servers. Hp seem to be slightly more expensive so i need to be able to justify spending the extra money. With the change over all of the user machines will be HP. Can anyone give me refences as to why we should buy a HP one?

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Re: HP Severs verses Dell POeredge Servers

You asking seller: Why should I buy from you ?

Your decision should depend how really you want expand in the future, HP is BIG; number of services, hardware variation and options for it, management ability, after warranty options and service support, and etc
Maybe good Idea to search for Press release and get third party opinion.

search at HP site and DELL also other source