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HP Switch Console Cables - do they share a common pinout

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HP Switch Console Cables - do they share a common pinout

Hello everyone,

We have accumulated a variety of different HP switches across multiple sites. We tend to keep our console cables together with the corresponding switches, but one was misplaced at a remote site. The cables are all DB9-RJ45 type cables, so I wondered if they share a 'compatible' pinout. At this moment we have two switches present on remote site and the cable for only one. Before using the cable I wanted to confirm it will not make things worse. The cable present on site came with a HP 5130 JG934A, but we need to know if it will work with the other switch onsite which is an HP 2920-48G J9728A. I looked at the manuals and they indicate one difference in that the RJ45 side pin 4 is connected to the DB9 DCD on pin 1 for the 2920, but the pinout for the 5130 show pin 4 of RJ45 connected to pin 5 of DB9 shunting it to ground.. 

Can anyone confirm the 5130 console cable 'is safe' to connect to 2920, and that it will work ?

Thanks in advance,