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HP UPS Management Card Not COnnecting to Agent

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HP UPS Management Card Not COnnecting to Agent

Hi, cannot get the agents to connec t


Servers are 2008R2


Have enabled outbound and inbound on 3573, for IPs on LAN

UPS cannont see installed agents, and agents cannot see UPS.


Have even tried disabling the Windows firewall service.


UPS management card has latest firmware


Help!, the way this has gone this is the first and last HP UPS I will setup, gimme APC anyday.

Robert Egloff
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Re: HP UPS Management Card Not COnnecting to Agent

If the software's already on there - setup the server... maybe try this.


Open up the web console for HP Power Manager. Under 'attached devices' setup the server you are going to connect (Add New Device button) - and then try it.


Our UPS units are attached to 'server a' with a USB cable, but we have a second server in this particular setup and 'server b' uses the agent to connect to the server that is attached via USB.


In those cases, I have to setup the server until the Attached Devices or the agent on 'server b' will never see the management end on 'server a' running. If you follow me..