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HP UPS Management Modul


HP UPS Management Modul

I have a question about the Estimated Time Required To Shut Down Operating System.

If I have a system how need 2 minutes to shutdown and the ups has the runtime 10 minutes.
I get a power failure at 10:00. Start the server to shutdown 10:00 ? or start the 10:08 it need 2 minutes to shutdown?

If the power is restored is the shutdown command cancel?

Diego Castelli
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Re: HP UPS Management Modul

It's a good idea to start at 10:02, so that you are sure that the power failure is not temporary while also being sure you have the necessary shutdown time.

The shutdown command is not going to be canceled, but you can configure the ILO to automatically power-up the server when power is restored. Anyway i don't really know if it's going to work the way you expect: i have some implementations around where i needed to switch off this feature cause it power-on servers again while still on battery power.

Give the UPS an additional battery pack to keep your server up for more than 10 minutes is also a good idea.

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Brian Vo
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Re: HP UPS Management Modul


Under Setup ---> Power Fail menu, there 2 delays parameters that you need to concern when Utility Loss:
-Shutdown Delay
-Load Shutdown Time

Shutdown Delays is the time you like the UPS while ON-Battery operating continues to power your device (avoid flickering, brown out...) just 2 to 5 minutes. Once this delay counts down to 0, a shutdown command will be issue and can't be cancelled even Utility restore shortly after that.

Load Shutdown Time is the additional delay so the UPS waits for your servers shutdown OS or run any needed script ... 3 to 5 min depend)

. After this time the UPS shut itself down


Re: HP UPS Management Modul


Are you using HP Power Manager?
If so when power is restored shutdowns are cancelled.
There is also the option you can use 'run until battery depletion' which basically lets you run on battery for as long as you can until the UPS issues a 'battery low' warning at this point shutdown of attached systems begins. (By ticking this option it will override any delay settings you may have entered)

Hope this helps.